I remember the first time I saw television. Lucille Hall was taking ballet lessons. I remember the day John Kennedy was shot. I remember that for my (fifth birthday all I wanted was an off-one-shoulder black satin evening gown. I got it. And I wore it to my birthday party. I remember a dream said that my Mondrian period paitings were even better than Mondrian. I remember a dream I have had often of being able to fly. (Without an airplane) I remember many dreams of finding gold and jewels. I remember a little boy I used to take care of after school while his mother worked. I remember how much fun it was to punish him for being bad. I remember a dream I used to have a lot of a beautiful red and yellow and black snake in bright green grass. I remember St. Louis when I was very young. I remember the tattoo shop next to the bus station and the two big lions in front of the Museum of Art. I remember round cards. I remember squaw dresses. I remember big fat ties with fish on them. I remember the first ball point pens. They skipped, and deposited little balls of ink that would accumulate on the point. I remember rainbow pads.